UltraSafe partners with Rubic! Making UltraSafe easier to buy than ever before!

Rubic Exchange is a cross-chain decentralized exchange which aims to connect the Matic, BSC and Ethereum networks as well as others in the future. With UltraSafe now partnering with Rubic, all of these networks are now connected with UltraSafe as well, making it easier to buy UltraSafe, no matter what you hold!

Currently with Rubics Exchange it is only possible to directly buy UltraSafe with BNB (or other tokens on the BSC network). No matter what chain you are on you will have to first convert the funds to the BSC network. This can be done easily through the cross-chain swap feature of Rubic.

Despite the fact you can only buy Ultra with BNB on Rubic it is still possible to turn your ETH into UltraSafe using the Rubic exchange by first converting your ETH into BNB using the cross-chain bridge that Rubic offers. You can also do this if your funds are on the Matic Polygon network as well.

Using this bridge you can turn your ETH into Binance ETH on the Binance Smart Chain network. You can then use this Binance ETH to buy UltraSafe either on the Rubic exchange or on Pancake Swap. For the first time it is now possible to buy UltraSafe with ETH without the use of a centralized exchange! In the future it should be possible to directly swap ETH into UltraSafe cross-chain. This will continue to expand as Rubic expands its cross chain offerings.

The process is the same with converting MATIC into the BSC network. Everywhere you entered ETH in the last steps you instead put MATIC. Making it so Polygon network users can now also buy UltraSafe as well!

As this partnership continues to grow expect to see more between UltraSafe x Rubic, as UltraSafe gets more implemented on the exchange it will get even easier to acquire, no matter what chain your funds are currently on.

Rubic and UltraSafe will continue to grow together!

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